WATERCLEANTMis a new technology solution to address water reuse and recirculation.

It dramatically reduces the amount of water needed in a home, reducing costs and assisting in achieving the US Green Building Council LEED initiatives (www.usgbc.org/leed-v4)

Results for the Builders / Developers:

Builder Contractor WATERCLEANTM will help to accelerate approvals to build new developments while at the same time allow developers to demonstrate very strong environmental focus and support for “green” initatives.
Water supplied to a new development could be a little as 50% of current requirements and sewage discharged back to the municipality would be reduced to only 10% compared to current homes.

Results for the Homeowner:
        • huge savings in reduced water and sewer costs.

Results for Cities & Municipalities:
        • huge savings from reductions in water needs and wastewater treatment.

WATERCLEANTM takes household wastewater and transforms it into safe environmentally friendly water for use:
        • indoors for recirculation in toilets & urinals
        • outdoors for irrigation and car washing and more

With WATERCLEANTM you can Re-Cycle and Re-Use most of the water (50%) used at a home. This also results in a reduction (90%) of wastewater that would normally be produced within a home.

WATERCLEANTM takes challenged source water and transforms it into potable water for use indoors for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry and cleaning.

With WATERCLEANTM you can use existing, nearby water sources and purify them for safe human use.