WATERCLEAN™ is a new technology solution to address water reuse, recirculation and wastewater treatment.

The design of the WATERCLEAN™ system has been to process various qualities of Influent and deliver results that are safe for human use and consumption.

This means that pathogens are reduced to virtually non-detectable levels and that the resulting water is crystal clear and odor free.

The use of advanced oxidation and ozone in the WATERCLEAN™ process provides the added unique benefit of being able to mineralize and transform pharmaceuticals and other compounds of emerging concern.
This advanced oxidation technology allows for challenged water and wastewater disinfection and denutrification anywhere, without chemicals, in minutes.

Rather than a filter process, WATERCLEAN™ reduces the compounds in the water and releases them as carbon dioxide and nitrogen gasses. This results in no sludge build up over time that would then need to be disposed of. Other elements in the Influent like phosphorus react to the process and form micro particles (micro-flocs) that can be filtered out using a simple poly filter. These micro-flocs which are pathogen free, odor free, and safe for handling by humans are then ideal for use as fertilizer in gardens or on lawns.

A residential WATERCLEAN™ unit can process between 3,000 and 6,000 litres (790 - 1585 US gal.) of challenged water or wastewater per day. A mobile unit can process 1,000 litres of challenged water or wastewater per day. Performance is superior to bioreactor technology because of
  • ability to dramatically reduce nutrients
  • reduction of pathogens to non detectable levels
  • ability to mineralize and transform pharmaceuticals into neutral compounds

The addressable markets with this technology is staggering, from commercial to residential to recreational applications.

About Our Company

The Great Lakes Clean Water Limited Partnership is a group of Inventors and Investors dedicated to the preservation of Clean Water in the Great Lakes, North America and around the World. The Limited Partnership has focused its time and money on the development of technology for wastewater disinfection/denutrification and potable water purification.

Great Lakes Clean Water Limited Partnership (GLCWLP) holds several US and Canadian patents for this state of the art process that can create clean water from any challenged water or wastewater source.

WATERCLEAN™ is a Registered Trademark owned by the Great Lakes Clean Water - LP of Mississauga, ON, Canada.

Management Team

Thomas W. Bain, Managing General Partner
Registered Professional Engineer.

Allan Hazelton
Business Development Manager
Phone: 905-853-9514