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WATERCLEANTM model# 3001F-ORP is a residential wastewater treatment system.
It has been designed as a transportable batch processing unit employing advanced oxidation.

Testing of the WATERCLEANTM system was conducted at the District of Muskoka’s Gravenhurst Sewage Treatment Plant located in Gravenhurst, Ontario. During testing the unit was exposed to operating/environmental conditions that the unit would encounter during normal use and operation.

Testing was conducted over multiple days with varying operating conditions.

For the complete ETV Canada report please follow this link

Note: This testing and Verification was performed in 2007.
Signficiant improvements have been made in the design and operation of the WATERCLEANTM system since 2007.
Much of the recent testing has been done in conjunction with the Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) (on the Frost Campus of Flemming College) and the University of Montreal.
The new results will be available soon.