Residential-Municipal REUSE


is a new residential sized technology solution that will Guarantee the Purity of processed Wastewater to Standards that are Safe for Reuse and Friendly to the Environment.

The patented system will process various concentrations of Influent and deliver results that are safe for irrigation and human re-use.

Pathogens are reduced to  “0” (non-detectable levels) and the resulting water is crystal clear and odor free.

The use of ozone in the WATERCLEANTM process provides the unique benefit of being able to mineralize and transform pharmaceuticals and other compounds of emerging concern without producing disinfection by-products.

Rather than a filter process, WATERCLEANTM reduces the compounds in the water and releases them as carbon dioxide and nitrogen gasses.  This results in no sludge build up over time that would then need to be disposed of.


Simple Installation:

There is no need to double plumb a home to be able to reuse your water.

WATERCLEANTM will take all of the wastewater from a home, leave the solids in the settling tank and release them back to municipal sewers.

Up to 90% of the water used inside of a home will be available for irrigation and/or recirculation and re-use.

This means a reduction of about 50% of the water that needs to be delivered to the home and a 90% reduction in the sewage sent back to the municipality.