The Marine WATER CLEANTM has been developed for use on live-aboard boats for the disinfection of Grey Water and the liquid portion of Black Water, on an overflow basis, prior to discharge into the environment.
The Marine WATER CLEANTM consists of a collection tank, as processing tank and the WATER CLEANTM system.


Marine System prior to installation


Schematic of the Marine System


The Sink & Shower flow directly into the Collection Tank.  The blackwater from the Toilet flows into the blackwater holding tank (B/W H/T).  Blackwater from this holding tank overflows into the Collection Tank (C/T).

The liquid from the Collection Tank is pumped into the Processing Tank (P/T), processed by WATER CLEANTM and  discharged outside the boat.  The water released is pathogen free and cleaner and safer than the water surrounding the boat.

Processing Time 10 Minutes per Batch
Processing Capacity 1,000 Litres per Day
Processing Tank 9” Diameter x 21”H
WATERCLEANTM Size 20”L x 13”W x 14”H