Residential Reuse & Recirculation on Rural Properties:

  Recycle Rural

50% Reduction of Water from Water Supply
Significant Reduction of Sludge Build Up


  • takes wastewater from septic tank and processes it to near-potable standards. The resulting water is clear, odourless, pathogen free and is safe for human use for toilet flushing, lawn irrigation, car washing, and other outdoor uses.
  • will enable you to build in water challenged geographies by significantly reducing the volume of water needed (~50%) to supply to the home and significantly reducing the volume of sewage (~90%) released from the home.
  • allows a much simpler plumbing of the home to support recirculation. It will use the current sewage drainage from the home requiring no special plumbing for graywater from a shower or bath. The only new piping is for the connections to the toilets to use the recycled bluewater.
  • will help builders meet the “green building” certifications of LEED and others.
  • In addition to inside toilet use, excess processed water can provide from 70% to 100% of the water needed for outside irrigation.